BoAt Airdopes 141 vs 181: Which Wireless Earbuds Are Worth Your Money?

Which is Better BoAt Airdopes 141 vs 181?

BoAt has made a significant impact in the Indian market with its Airdopes. With over 1500 earphone options below 3000, BoAt’s success has surpassed everyone’s expectations by doing what no one has imagined. 

In just a short time span, boAt has done what no one has ever imagined! One of its most remarkable examples is the battle between BoAt Airdopes 141 vs 181 going into the electronics market.

This bewildering battle has amused us so much that today we are here with a detailed comparison between boat airdopes 141 vs 181. 

Without waiting anymore, let’s begin!

NOTE: In case of any doubt, let us clear; we believe in honesty at Music Buddy. Thus, our comparison is based on honest, customer-centric reviews, with the only purpose of helping the readers and buyers. 

Comparison Table: BoAt Airdopes 141 vs 181

#PreviewboAt Airdopes 141 vs 181boAt Airdopes 181 vs 141
Product NameBoAt Airdopes 141BoAt Airdopes 181
Launch Date25 July 202215 January 2022
Bluetooth Version5.15.2
Claimed Battery Backup42 Hours20 Hours
IPX ratingIPX4IPX4
Playback Time42 Hours (6 Hrs + 36 Hrs)20 Hours (4 Hrs + 16 Hrs)
Battery Backup (Case)100 Hours45 Hours
Battery Backup (Buds)4 – 4.30 Hours5 Hours
Color OptionBlack, Cyan, White, Siberian WhiteBlue, Black, Lime
Audio Drivers8mm10mm
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Fast ChargingYes (5 minutes charging = 75 minutes Playback)Yes (10 minutes charging = 90 minutes Playback)
Battery Life Indicator YesNo
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Specifications: BoAt Airdopes 141 and BoAt Airdopes 181

There are multiple premium features of both earbuds. Let’s discuss each of them one by one. 

1. Built Quality

The BoAT Airdopes 141 and 181 boats feature a plastic body that conforms to the industry standard. 

Despite this, the materials used provide a pleasant tactile sensation and response. The edges are smooth, ensuring that the earbuds will not inflict discomfort or harm to the ears. 

Additionally, there is no rattling noise when inserting or removing the earbuds from the case. Overall, the earbuds of both the Airdopes receive high praise.

The only thing that differs is the carry case hinges of BoAt Airdopes 181 do not feel as good as BoAt Airdopes 141. Giving one point to Airdopes 141 makes it slightly a good choice for users.

2. Design 

When it comes to looks and feel, both BoAT Airdopes 141 and 181 are pretty similar. Both have Apple Airpods-inspired design grabbing more attention, offering an excellent and comfortable grip, and above all, the long stem helps in better mic quality.

Both Airdopes 141 and 181 have similar glossy earbuds but different cases. BoAt Airdopes 141 has an all-matte case, whereas Airdopes 181 has a glossy case. 

But, let us inform you that a glossy case needs special care compared to a matte case, as the chances of scratches are higher in the glossy one. 

So, if you ask us, here, BoAt Airdopes 141 wins the case with its matte case. 

3. Comfort 

Besides reasonable prices, comfort is another factor attracting users to BoAt. All the earbuds of boAt are known for their comfort.

Thus, with silicone ear tips and inner ear design, both of these will undoubtedly be.

After testing and using both products, we must say that both earbuds can be worn for 4+ hours. 

Thus, in comfort, there is not much competition between BoAt Airdopes 141 vs 181, and you can go for any of the astonishing earbuds. 

4. Audio Quality

Fan of lyrical details? Do not forget to try BoAt Airdopes 181!

BoAt Airdopes 181 focuses on thumping bass, voice, and instrumental signature sound.  

Are you a bass-heavy sound lover? Then BoAt Airdopes 181 will be the perfect option for you!

Its 10mm drivers offer sound clarity at a different level. 

From rap, hip hop, RnB, and Punjabi songs, drop the beat with BoAt Airdopes 181. 

If compared, we will give 8 to bass for both airdopes, whereas Airdopes 181 is the winner in vocals and treble. 

5. Call Quality

Both the airdopes have a decent-quality call and clean and distortion-free mic output. And the noise cancellation is neither too good nor bad. 

Thus, worry not! Your call will be decent without the audio breaking or your voice sounding like a robot.

6. Battery Backup

With a battery backup of 600 mAh, BoAt Airdopes 141 is a good choice for people who are unlikely to forget their charger at home and avoid the continuous charging cycle. BoAt Airdopes 141 can be used at any volume for 4 to 4.5 hours. 

Also, the 5 minutes fast charging lasts 75 minutes, offering comfort to the people charging airdopes at the last minute.  

On the other hand, with a battery backup of 300 mAh, BoAt Airdopes 181 can quickly go 5+ hours if played continuously.

Thus, it’s an excellent choice for single-use scenarios.

7. Other features

The features of both  BoAt Airdopes 181 and 141 are similar such as IPX4 water resistance, touch-capacitive controls, fast charging,  type-c charging port, IWP (Insta Wake N Pair Technology), Beast Mode, and ENX Technology.

The few features they differ in are Bluetooth and latency. 

BoAt Airdopes 181 has Bluetooth 5.2, which delivers slightly better connectivity than Bluetooth 5.1 of BoAt Airdopes 141. 

Another factor is while playing FPS games. BoAt Airdopes 181 takes gaming to the next level by reducing the latency to 60ms. Whereas  BoAt Airdopes 141 can reduce the latency to 80ms.

Pros and Cons: BoAt Airdopes 141 

Matte design leads to fewer scratches.
With its good grip it can be worn during a workout.
Vocal and Instruments are plus points.
Bass Centric TWS.
The touch control works smoothly.
Impressive battery backup.
Good Bluetooth Connectivity.
Great and strong build.
Mic of the aridopes could have been better.

Pros and Cons: BoAt Airdopes 181 

Multiple color optionsFaster and better Bluetooth Connectivity with V5.2
Impressive battery backup (Better than airdopes 181)
Best for workout with better mic quality
Offers better gaming experience with beast mode
Microphone quality is better than BoAt airdopes 141
Bass-Heavy TWS Earbuds
Glossy cases are more prone to scratches.

Conclusion: BoAt Airdopes 141 or 181?

After comparing the Airdopes, the time to pick the best one has finally come!

Undoubtedly, it is extremely difficult to choose one among BoAt Airdopes 141 vs 181, as both are the best of the best choices. 

Well, the final choice relies on you, but let us help you a bit. 

In simple words, 

BoAt Airdopes 181 is an excellent choice for gamers, with its 60 ms latency and 5 hours-lasting battery backup. 

BoAt Airdopes 141 is an ideal choice for users who prefer detailed audio quality with strong vocals, mids, and boomy bass. 

We hope you will find a perfect gaming or music partner for yourself soon!

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to ping us!

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