Do you get interrupted while your meetings and important calls? And a fan of listening to music or video games then read the article until the end to know the best boat airdopes 161 vs boat airdopes 141 for your unstoppable meetings and calls. 

In current situations, the airdopes have become an essential part of our life as it plays an important role by transferring information easily without any inconvenience through callings. 

There are some situations when we are not able to receive calls while driving, washing clothes, washing dishes, or many more. So to address such difficulties there is wireless earbuds have been innovated so that one can go with the flow without being interrupted. 

These buds created adding lots of features that fulfill the requirements of ones. These requirements are wireless, instant connectivity, noise-free, long hours of playtime, etc.

The article comparing boat airdopes 161 vs boat airdopes 141  will give you the clarification to pick the best one for yourself. 

Boat airdopes 161 

Boat airdopes 161 

Key features –

  • Brand – boat 
  • Dimension – 3.5 x 2.6 x 1.6 cm
  • Item weight – 50g
  • Colour – pebble Black 
  • Form factor – in ear 
  • Connector type – wireless

The boat airdopes 161 is featured with different types of requirements to make the one happy of not be troubled in calling. 

One of the leading characteristics of boat airdopes 161 is a wireless connection with a single-touch response. Now there will not be bothering steps to pick up important calls. 

The airdopes are water resistant so there are no worries about talking in rain. Enjoy raining season by talking with your beloved ones. Also, no worries whether it falls in water as it featured waterproof resistance. 

The of the amazing features is it gets charged up in 10 minutes for 3 hours of use. So be tension free by your urgent calls and meetings. 

The sound of the airdopes is evident. There will be no noise to disturb you with your calls. The playtime of the item is more than 17 hours with one-time charging. There is a single-click answer to the feature that will save you time from a long process. 

The interface to charge your airdopes is type c so you won’t get struggled with charging with a 1-year warranty on it. Also, get 7 days replacement on it. 


  • 17 hours of playtime.
  • Water resistance.
  • 10 min charge gives 3 hours of playtime.
  • Single touch response 
  • Immersive sound


  • No display to show current bat

Boat airdopes 141 

Boat airdopes 141 

Key features –

  • Brand – boat 
  • Dimension – ‎5 x 5 x 2 cm
  • Weight  – 60-gram 
  • Colour – bold black 
  • Connector type – wireless 
  • Form factor – in-ear

The boat airdopes 141 is also manufactured with lots of amazing features to make the work done easily without facing difficulties in calls and meetings. 

The key feature of the item is a wireless connector so there will be no issues faced by one while connecting it to their phone or laptop. 

Also, there is no need to pick up the calls by phone as the airdopes is featured with single-click call responses. So while driving a car or bike there are no worries about call picking. 

The sound of the product is evident and immersive so that talk for long hours without any interruption in your talk. The playback time is more than 42 hours so watch your favorite shows without getting disturbed by charging. 

Also, one does not need to wait for long hours to use it as its ASAP charging speed is 5 min for around 75 mins. The charging type is C, so it can be changed easily. 

There will be no disturbance while using it as it fixes properly in the ears so the chances of being disturbed or bothered by noise get low. Get the beast mode for a better gaming experience. 

It gets connected instantly to the phone through a wireless Bluetooth connection. Get a 1-year warranty with 7 days of replacement benefits. If there are any defects in the product so you can replace it in between 7 days.


  • Wireless Bluetooth connection 
  • 42 hours of playtime.
  • ASAP 75min by 5min charge 
  • 1-year warranty 
  • Single touch control. 


  • No multiconnection feature. 

Comparison Boat airdopes 161 vs boat airdopes 141 

In this comparison section, the basic comparison will be discussed how both items boat airdopes 161 vs boat airdopes 141  are different from each other. 

As we have talked about the features and benefits of boat airdopes 161 vs boat airdopes 141 to know the uses of these products. Both products are good there is very bit difference between both of them. 

The boat airdopes 141 provides the best gaming beast mode features where the one who is a fan of games can enjoy their game using this product. Where there is no beast mode in boat airdopes 161, it can be used by any simple working individual for their calls and meetings. 


After comparing the playtime we have found that boat airdopes 161 vs boat airdopes 141 vary. Because the playtime of boat airdopes 161 is 17 hours after a full single charge.

And the playtime of boat airdopes 141 is 42 hours after a single charge. 

Also, it varies in ASAP charging where the boat airdopes 161 play for 80min in just 10min charging and the boat airdopes 141 play 75 min after 5min charging. 

The customer will get a 1-year warranty where they can repair the item in between the time period if it gets damaged. 


The design of both items is almost similar. The boat airdopes 161 design is created in a way to make it easy to use and fit in ears with very less weight, where the weight of it is around 50grams. 

The boat airdopes 161 is designed with consideration for ear pains as there are issues faced by an individual with ear pains caused by heavy use of earbuds. It is very comfortable also the weight of the item is 60grams. 


The battery is almost similar in both items as they both provide battery backup. The boat airdopes 141 carries 600mah whereas the boat airdopes 161 considers 300 mah battery backup. So, in conclusion, the airdopes 141 can run for more than 5 hours whereas the airdopes 161 will be stopped after 6 hours which is the time claimed by the company. 

Audio quality 

The comparison between both boats airdopes 141 vs boat airdopes 161 on the basis of vocal, bass, loudness, sharpness, etc. the changes have been found in that the audio quality of boat airdopes 141 is better than boat airdopes 161. There is a very slight difference between both them.

Item details Boat airdopes 161Boat airdopes 141 
Dimension 3.5 x 2.6 x 1.6 cm5 x 5 x 2 cm
Weight 50grams60grams
Connector type wirelesswireless
Bluetooth version v5.1v5.1
Music playtime 17hours 42 hour 
Charging time 1.5 to 2 hours 1.5 to 2 hours 
Features Noise-free Noise-free
Special features ‎Sweatproof, Fast Charging, Microphone Included‎Sweatproof, Microphone Included, One Touch Voice Assistant

Pick the best for you 

boat airdopes 161 vs boat airdopes 141  are amazing product with its excellent features where one can enjoy music and can talk on calls without any interruptions. But if you want something to make your gaming experience to the next level then you should definitely go for the boat airdopes 141 where the company provides your beast mode with 42-hour playtime with a single charge. 


In short, the blog will give you the idea to buy the best product for you as both the products boat airdopes 161 vs boat airdopes 141 are best with its amazing features. But if you are a gaming lover then the boat airdopes 141 is for you as it gives you the beast mode where your gaming experience will be excellent.


What is beast mode in airdopes?

The beast mode in airdopes is a feature that helps to improve the sound for a better gaming experience 

How much time the airdopes takes to get charged?

It takes around 1.5 to 2 hours to get charged.

Is there a multiconnection feature in boat airdopes 161?

Yes, it has multiconnection features in different types of devices but it does not work at the same time with different devices.

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