BoAt bassheads 152 Vs 162

Which is better boAt bassheads 152 Vs 162?

The boAt bassheads 152 and boAt bassheads 162 are two half-braided sets of earphones. Both the earphones were launched in 2020, among a popular bassheads wired 100 headset series, which includes others like boAt bassheads 172, 182, etc.

All the earphones in the boAt bassheads wired 100 series, all the earphones are of the same price range and are only available at a few electronic portals including Amazon.

People are quite confused between choosing either boAt bassheads 152 or 162.

Let’s see how the same mother’s brother differs from each other or has similar they are.

Reading the full article will help you decide which one is better for you to make choosing easy for you.

BoAt Bassheads 152 Vs 162 Comparision Table –

#previewboAt bassheads 152 vs 162boAt bassheads 152 vs 162
FeaturesboAt bassheads 152BoAt bassheads 162
Model Numberbassheads 152bassheads 162
Dimensions1.20 meters x 0.10 cm x 0.20 cm1.20 meters x 0.10 cm x 0.20 cm
Weight19 gm15 gm
ColourBlack, Blue, Maroon, Red, White, Purple, Orange, green, Pure WhiteBlack, Blue, Red
Cable Features (Dual Tone)1.2 m, half braided and half regular rubber wire1.2 m, half braided and half regular rubber wire
Drivers10mm dynamic drivers10mm dynamic drivers
ControlMultifunction buttonMultifunctional button
Compatibility3.5 mm gold plated jack, compatible with all devices having same jack3.5 mm gold plated jack, compatible with all devices having same jack
CVC Noise cancellationOnly passive noise cancellationOnly passive noise cancellation
TypeIn- earIn-ear
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Above, we have seen how similar their features are, now let’s see how different their functions are, or are they similar.

BoAt bassheads 152 Vs 162 Specifications:

Build Quality:

boAt bassheads 152: The boAt bassheads 152 has dual-toned cable wiring, half braided, and half the plastic. Thus it is a combination of metal and plastic.

boAt bassheads 162: The boAt bassheads 162 is made of double tuning of half braided and half plain wiring, but the catch here is, it is entirely made of plastic.


boAt bassheads 152: The boAt bassheads 152 is ergonomically designed with tilted ear cups and tight-fitting, making it comfortable for use.

boAt bassheads 162: The boAt bassheads 162 is either a simple set of earphones with non-tilted ear cups but secure and comfortable fitting.


boAt bassheads 152: As boAt bassheads 152 is half woven and half plastic, it acquires a weight of 19 gm.

BoAt bassheads 162: While boAt bassheads 162 is entirely made of plastic, it is lightweight and comfortable at 15gm.


boAt bassheads 152: For boAt bassheads 152, you’ll get multiple vibrant colour options- Active Black, Jazzy Blue, Maroon Mirage, Raging Red, White Pearl, Thunder Purple, Courageous Orange, Vibrant Green, White purity.

boAt bassheads 162: You got three various colour pieces: Active Black, Royal Blue, Red

Audio Quality :

boAt bassheads 152: It gives a balanced sound equation, with an HD clarity sound and a mid-bass, neither too high nor too low.

boAt bassheads 162: This set is especially focused on the bass. It has an outrageous and powerful bass with a typical sound or vocal output.

Frequency Range:

boAt bassheads 152: The frequency is more responsive towards balanced highs, lows, and mids, making it perfectly suitable for acoustic and treble songs.

boAt bassheads 162: Its frequency is more lenient towards extra punchy bass. While other frequencies are average.


Both the pieces are readily available on Amazon. You can check the price there.


  • Both the boAt bassheads152 and 162 have braided wiring, which makes them tangle-free and highly durable.
  • Both earphones support voice assistants, but that does not mean you have to touch your phone. You can wake your Alexa, Siri, or google with a small push on the inline control button.
  •  They have a 3.5 mm gold plated jack, which gives good connectivity and compatibility with most devices.


Both earphones isolate the best features in themselves.

BoAt bassheads 152 is for casual music listeners or callers. In contrast, boAt bassheads 162 has highly powerful bass, which makes it a perfect choice for bass or beat lovers.

It doesn’t make any of them less in sound quality, while they surely differ in vocal clarity.

In boAt bassheads 152, there are balanced low, mids, and highs. On the other hand, it lacks somewhere in boAt bassheads 162, suppressed by the powerful bass.

See what you are more into, and then choose smartly.

But, I assure you both the products are worth the money.

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