Which is Better Jbl partybox 310 vs Sony xp700

Have you heard the debate between jbl partybox 310 vs sony xp700? Both products are providing the best speaker features to ones. To make their party more enthusiastic and enjoyable.

The speaker is the main instrument of the party that improves the party experience. Music is the best way to come up with a high level of emotion where people meet with their new version while listening to music.

The speaker has been selected to discuss its feature jbl partybox 310 vs sony xp700  where all the features will be explained with benefits which user will get.

There are many speakers are available in the market that provides an excellent base, high-quality music, high quality, speaker, etc.

Also, in coming to the blogs the user will get to know the factors that make them different from each other. And will give you the clarity to select the best product for your use.

Jbl partybox 310

Jbl partybox 310

Key feature:-

  • Brand – JBL partybox
  • Speaker type – portable Bluetooth speaker
  • Connectivity technology – Bluetooth
  • Dimension – 14.5 x 12.8 x 27 inches
  • Weight – 19kg.

The JBL partybox 310 is providing the best sound quality at a high peak. It is portable that can be adjusted easily. It is providing water resistance benefits with inbuilt microphone features.

There is drizzling light added to the product to improve the user’s music experience. Make the mood of your party hard through 240 watts. There is the light that will make the mood of your party.

The product is good for small parties. The battery running time is 3 to 4 hours. The bass of the speaker is good. And the sound quality is awesome for small parties. It cannot be used without wire.


  • Easy to operate
  • Good base
  • Good sound quality.
  • Drizzling lights
  • Waterproof


  • It is not wired less

Sony xp700

Sony xp700

Key features:-

  • Brand – sony
  • Speaker type – portable Bluetooth speaker
  • Dimension – 36.68 x 31.29 x 69.29 cm
  • Connectivity technology – wireless Bluetooth
  • Weight – 16.9kg

The sony xp700 the providing multi-directional party sound with the wireless feature. The one does not need to worry about plugins. There is a megabase for a better music experience.

The design is an IPx4 splash-resistance design. The user will get longer battery life with instant charging. The illuminating lighting gives party-type lighting to make the party mood energetic.

It easy to carry features are best that can be place easy whether outside or inside. It is giving USB feature for recharging the speaker and playing anything music while connecting with the USB. The user will get wireless Bluetooth to connect with the speaker.


  • Strong base
  • Easy portable
  • Wireless Bluetooth
  • USB connector
  • Multiple directional
  • Party type lightning


  • No cons as far

Comparison table between Jbl partybox 310 vs Sony xp700

#PreviewJbl partybox 310 vs Sony xp700Sony xp700
Particularjbl partybox 310 sony xp700  
Dimension 14.5 x 12.8 x 27 inches36.68 x 31.29 x 69.29 cm
Built-in speakery(18hr)y(25hr)
Run on AC powerYesYes
Weather resistanceSplash-resistant (IPX4)Splash-resistant (IPX4)
Bluetooth version4.25.0
Warranty1 year1 year
Average battery life18 hours3 hours
Total USB ports12
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The product jbl partybox 310 vs sony xp700 are best with their features but as this start started with the goal to define the differences between both the products.

There are many similarities users will find in both the products such as warranty, sound quality, run-on AC power, etc are similar in both the items.

The user will get a 1-year warranty on both items where in case of any damaging issues or anything the user found in between this one-year warranty. Then they can claim for it and use customer services.

Differences between jbl partybox 310 vs sony xp700

Sound quality

The sound quality of the JBL partybox 310 vs sony xp700 is providing the best quality of sound. There are no differences on the basis of sound both are good.

Build quality

The built quality of sony xp700 is better than JBL partybox as per the customer review. The customers liked the sony xp700 as it is stronger than the JBL partybox 310.


The design of the JBL partybox 310 is more loved by customers than the sony xp700. The design of JBL partybox 310 ergonomic design which is easy to place and use.


The weights of both items are different the JBL partybox 310 is giving 19kg weight whereas the sony xp700 provides 16kg time weight. The JBL partybox is light weighted to sony xp700.


The dimension of the JBL partybox is more portable than the sony xp700 where JBL provides a 14.5 x 12.8 x 27 inches dimension and the sony xp700 is providing a 36.68 x 31.29 x 69.29 cm dimension. It can be seen that both the ease of placement and the dimension of the JBL are more portable and flexible. Its area consumption is lesser than sony.

Average battery life

The user will get 18hrs battery life in the JBL partybox that works for longer hours than the sony xp700. Sony xp700 is providing 3 hours of average battery life that works a bit lesser than JBL partybox.

Total USB ports

The sony xp700 is better in the case of USB ports as it is providing 2 different ports to use than the JBL partybox. The JBL partybox is providing a single port to use USB.


In summary, the article is about the comparison between  jbl partybox 310 vs sony xp700. Where the reader will go through the description of both products to make them knowledgeable through the article. Further in the article, there is a comparison table that shows the differences between both items. And afterward, there are reasons explained behind the differences


Which party speaker is best JBL or sony?

JBL partybox 310 is better than the sony xp700.

Is sony xp700 sound quality good?

Yes, the sony xp700 is providing loud sound quality with well-built-in quality.

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