Which is better sony xp700 vs JBL partybox 710?

Did you hear the debate between sony xp700 vs JBL partybox710? The speaker is in high demand as they provide all the features to improve the party experience.

Make your family occasion more enjoyable by picking the best one from them. These speakers improve the music experience through their music quality.

In this article, the user gets to know about both items sony xp700 vs JBL partybox710. The feature of both the products is explained with their key features.

Further, in the blog, there is a basic difference explained with reasons and how it helps to improve the music ex[peince.

The review will be honest after taking a trial from both items. If you wanted to know more about it then be with the article till the conclusion.

Sony xp700

Sony xp700

Key features:-

  • Brand – sony xp700
  • Dimension – 36.7 x 31.3 x 69.3 Centimeters
  • Weight – 16.9kg
  • Connector type – ‎Bluetooth, USB, wireless
  • Special feature – ‎Wireless, Portable, Bluetooth
  • Battery – 25hours

The product sony xp700 is providing omni-directional sound which improves the music track. Get the 25hr for long hours of music experience.

It is providing IPx4 splash proof which makes it water resistant thus user do not have to worry about damage by water. Also, it is manufactured with ambient light which makes it more attractive.

The rechargeable battery is stronger than other speakers as it gets charged for 3 hours in just 10 min. It is portable which makes it easy to adjust.


  • Easy portable
  • 25 hours battery
  • Multiple connector types
  • Water assistance
  • Ambient light


  • The sound volume is not good

JBL partybox 710

JBL partybox 710

Key features:-

  • Brand – JBL partybox 710
  • Dimension – 68.8 x 32.6 x 36.8 Centimeters
  • Weight – 17.8kg
  • Connector type – Bluetooth
  • Battery – 18 hours of playtime
  • Special features – Party Lights, Built-in Microphone, Portable, Telescopic Handle, Glide Wheels

The JBL partybox 710 is providing party light which makes it more attractive with built-in microphones the design of the speaker is portable and effortless placement.

The sound quality of the speaker is good with volume. The playtime of the speaker is 18 hours with a telescopic handle. The transportation there are wheels manufactured thus users could easily shift it from one place to another place.

It is waterproof so user do not need to worry about it damaging. It uses 240 watts to get operate. The speaker connectivity is through Bluetooth.


  • Easy to operate
  • Good built quality
  • Water resistance
  • 18 hours playtime
  • Party light
  • Glide wheels


  • No cons so far.

Comparison between Sony xp700 vs JBL partybox 710

#PreviewSony xp700JBL partybox 710
Particularsony xp700JBL partybox 710
Dimension36.68 x 31.29 x 69.29 cm68.8 x 32.6 x 36.8 Centimeters
Built-in speakery(25hr)18 hours
Run on AC powerYesYes
Weather resistanceSplash-resistant (IPX4)Splash-resistence (IPX4)
Bluetooth version5.05.1
Warranty1 year 1 year warranty
Average battery life3 hoursNA
Total USB ports21
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The comparison between the items on the basis of some points which as sound quality, build quality, design, portability, battery, etc.

Sound quality

The sound quality provided by sony xp 700 is good as its frequency response is on an average level which can be managed further the bass gets mixed by its boomy sounds. But the sound quality of JBL partybox 710 where the bass is great provides good sound quality.


The design of the sony xp700 is manufactured with large party speaker which can be used whether horizontally or vertically. There is the ambient light for making it more attractive. The design of the JBL partybox 710 is a huge speaker size with RGB light to make it more eye catchy. It can be placed whether vertically or horizontally. .

Built quality

The built quality of the sony xp700 is good by its solid plastic with a matt finish on the speaker. But there is no use of wheels which the user will get in JBL partybox710. The partybox 710 is providing good built quality by using solid plastic. Also, it gives wheels thus user can easily place it from one place to another place.


The portability feature is about carrying or placing the items effortlessly. The sony xp700 is better with its all features but in the case of portability, JBL partybox is much better than the sony xp710 as the user does not have to worry about placing it from one place to another place. Its wheels feature makes it effortless transportation.

Which one is best

In my opinion, the JBL partybox is much batter then sony xp700 as it provides better build quality, sound quality, etc. also it gives wheels to make effortless shifting.

The jbl partybox 710 is giving waterproof features to make users free from damage. Its playtime is 18 hours and it provides a single port.

The connector type of the speaker is Bluetooth. Its glamorous light makes it more eye catchy. There is a telescoping handle for easy pickup. There is a small microphone built into it.


In short, the article is about the comparison between sony xp700 vs JBL partybox 710. Where its features are explained with its benefits. Both the items are best by their features which provides good music experiences but while talking about the best then JBL partybox 710 is best from sony xp 700 cause of its better feature and functions. Further in the blog, the comparison points are explained with the reason.


Does JBL PartyBox 710 have good bass?

The JBL party box710 provides good music bass that improves the sound quality of the music.

How many devices can be paired by sony xp700?

The sony xp700 can be paired with multiple devices. But it will be operate by one device.

Which provides long playtime sony xp700 vs JBL partbox710?

The sony xp700 provides 25 hours of playtime whereas the JBL partybox710 provides 18 hours playtime.

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